10 Ideas for Summer Fun

Here in South Louisiana, we know how excruciating the heat can get outside during the summer months. You don’t want the kids to go outside and overheat, but they can’t stay cooped up inside all day without you going crazy! So we have complied a list of some ideas for indoor and outdoor summer fun!

Build a Fort

Growing up, we all use to build forts. Now it’s time to teach the kiddos! So grab all the blankets, pillows and stuffed animals in the house to make the ultimate fort! Don’t be afraid to rearrange your house for the day. You’re going to need all the chairs, couches and tables you have! Afterwards, eat dinner, watch movies and make memories!

Hold a Car Wash

Park your car in the driveway and let your children give it a good scrub with a bucket of water and sponge or with a garden house! Either way, your kids will stay cool and you’ll have a clean car!

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering teaches your children compassion and responsibility –it also keeps them busy. They’re plenty of things your children do to help out the community! For example clean up a green space or collect canned goods. You can also bring your kiddos around the neighborhood and help your elderly neighbors do day-to-day tasks such as watering plants, putting up groceries, cleaning their car and much more! For further information visit your local Food Pantry or Animal Shelter to see if they would like some extra hands to help!

Create a Slip-N-Slide

Grab a tarp out of the garage, a garden house and Dawn dish soap to create the ultimate slip-n-slide. Your kids will stay busy for hours and they’ll love you for it! Just lay down the tarp, pour some soap to make it extra slippery and let it work its magic. If you have a hill on the side of your house we recommend putting the tarp there. You won’t have to use as much soap and the kids will feel like it’s an actual slide!


For those rainy days or those miserable humid days, hide-n-seek is a great game for the whole family to play! To step it up a notch, invite the neighbor kids over to play. The kids will love playing with their friends.

Crafting Day

Most crafts stores — including chains like Michael’s, A. C. Moore, and Hobby Lobby — offer hands-on activities just for kids such as scrap booking, box decorating, bead stringing, as well as projects using clay, pipe cleaners, and more! Some classes are free; others require a nominal fee — typically $5 or less. For more information about classes, visit Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, you can visit your local craft store!

Relay Races - ASK, Scion

Relay Races

This is a great outdoor and indoor activity! Set up different obstacle courses that the kids have to maneuver through and time them each time! It makes for a little healthy competition and they will have a blast doing it. If you it’s raining, you can set up obstacles courses in different rooms for optimal fun.

Bike around the Neighborhood

If your kiddos are wanting to learn how to ride a bike, the summer is the perfect time to teach them! Biking around the neighborhood or a local park is an easy way to get out energy and enjoy the outdoors! Don’t forget to wear helmets!

Baking Cookies

Baking is always a fun and yummy way to enjoy the summer! Kids always love to help out with baking. Throughout the summer, try different cookie recipes and see which ones you like the best! Whether that be chocolate chip, cookie cut outs or snickerdoodle! We are sure your kids will love this activity.

Go to the Beach - ASK

Go To the Beach

This activity might have to be planned in advance but it’s a great way for your kids to get the best night sleep after a long day in the sand. Make sandcastles, find crabs and splash around in the water! Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

All these activities are inexpensive and a sure way to make the summer much more fun!

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